Road Trip Essentials: Everything You’ll Need

winding road

There are few activities in life that are as uncomfortable, yet enjoyable, as a road trip. It’s a strange kind of joy that you can only appreciate when you’re out on in the middle of highways, often driving through the night on isolated roads.

Throughout the experience, you’ll feel a sense of independence and isolation that can be quite cathartic—more so if you’re traveling with someone close to you.

Sharing that adventure and the feelings can be overwhelming—often to the point that you begin looking at the world in a completely different way.

However, just because isolated from the world—doesn’t mean that you should completely give up on all the comforts that modern urban living has to offer.

There’s a certain level of risk and danger involved in road tripping—minor risks that are easily overcome if you’re carrying the right equipment along.

How to Create the Perfect Road Trip

There’s no telling how many problems anyone would face on the road. Car troubles, injuries, dying cellphones and even general irritation being cooped up in the car.

None of this, though, means that road trips are always a bad experience—you only need to be prepared.

If you know what you’re doing, there’s nothing stopping you from having the time of your life—and the secret to the perfect road trip are the supplies you should take with you:

1.   The Comfort Kit

The comfort kit, as the name suggests, is the collection of things that will keep you as relaxed as possible during the trip.

This includes keeping sunglasses, extra blankets, hand sanitizers, something warm to wrap yourself into travel pillows and mugs.

There’s no hard and fast rule on the number of comfort items you should carry—but be sure that you don’t overpack.

So think about the things that you’ll need during the trip that can help you stay comfortable as you race down the winding roads into the wilderness.

2.   The First Aid Kit

As always, above all else, you should have a first aid kit that you can use to treat any injuries. It’s very likely that you’ll suffer at least some minor scrapes and bruising during the trip.

You should pack up on band-aids, antiseptics, safety pins and bandages along with you.

3.   Navigation Aids

While getting lost is sometimes exciting—it’s rarely ever fun. If you’re out on the road, and have no idea of where you are or which way you need to go—you’ll definitely panic.

Make sure you grab maps, get a GPS installed and you should have plenty of power sources to keep your phones charged.

4.   Car Tools

In the event that your car breaks down and you can’t call anyone, you should definitely grab all the tools you need to fix the problem yourself.

You should have screwdrivers, spare tires and wrenches—possibly some spare gas if you can get your hands on it. Have your mechanic look over your car to see if everything’s good to go before setting out.

5.   Portable Power Station

We’ve come a long way with respect to portable energy solutions—even solar power. You can find plenty of solar power portable generators that can offer ample electricity for a road trip.

These generators are compact and powerful machines that you should keep with you in case you’re stopping over somewhere in the middle of nowhere during the night.

The power generators at Big Battery, for instance, are immensely powerful machines that can keep your electronics powered indefinitely without a hitch.

With our selection of 300W portable power, there is small chance that you’ll find yourself completely in the dark at any time during your trip.

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