Making Off-Grid Wiring More Reliable

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If you’ve ever had experience working with off-grid renewable energy systems, you may have noticed that they tend to use multi-stranded cables for the most part.

One of the main advantages of multi-stranded cables is their flexibility. However, the wire strands used are usually very fine and are susceptible to damage when you’re setting up and connecting the equipment.

Ferruled cable connections are known for having a higher level of reliability when compared to non-ferruled connections.

Incorporating ferruled cable connections in your off-grid power system will yield significant benefits.

Here’s what you should know.

The Benefits of Ferruled Cable Connections for Your Solar Power System

  • Effectively eliminates all stray wire strands, increasing reliability and safety
  • Increases the quality of contact, hence decreasing contact resistance and heat
  • The crimped cable ends used,are far more resistant to oxidation, especially in harsh/salty environments
  • Minimizes wiring clamping damage to the ends of the cables, reducing the number of broken strands
  • Mechanical contact is more secure, leading to a lower likelihood of crimping pattern slipping under pressure
  • Easier to perform cable modifications/re-termination
  • Ferrules, especially dual-cable ferrules, make it neater and more reliable to expand systems
  • Ferrules help prevent spring terminals from cutting cables strands in environments that experience vibration
  • Looks neater, more professional, and with more consistent connection points.

Some Important Thing To Consider about Adding Ferrules to Your System

Adding ferrules is a relatively inexpensive investment. Even the time it takes to crimp a ferrule is offset by the ease with which they are inserted into the terminal.

One could say that the time it takes to add ferrules to your system is really about as long as it takes to do a neat job when not using them.

Of course, the tools may cost you a little bit of more money. Then again, it depends on the quality of the tools you use.

High-quality, professional ferrule crimpers may end up costing you several hundreds of dollars, but if you opt for a reasonable DIY set, it’ll cost you significantly less.

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