The Benefits of Portable Energy Solutions

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Portable energy storage is the modern solution to a whole range of modern problems, from emergency backup power to powering a road trip.

Traditional propane and gasoline-powered generators are quickly becoming a thing of the past when you consider the state of the oil industry today and rapid advancements in energy technology.

Lithium-ion and lead-acid battery-powered portable power stations have made a dent in the energy market in an unprecedented way.

Here are the primary benefits of a portable energy solution.


Gasoline generators emit harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, which is why they cannot operate safely indoors. You can’t use them in a garage either because that still poses a danger.

Battery-powered portable energy stations, on the other hand, emit no harmful fumes. They can be safely operated within the home whenever needed.


Power stations generate power on-demand after they store it from a power source. They can be charged through a regular household AC outlet, a solar panel system, or a car’s cigarette DC outlet.

So, in the event of an uncharged battery during a power outage, you can hook it up to a solar panel system to store energy.

Of course, gasoline generators depend on regular refueling. If you have to travel with your generator, that means you have to store and carry fuel in cans, which is a significant safety hazard.


While the initial upfront cost of a portable power station may seem a little steep as compared to a traditional gasoline generator; the incredibly low maintenance requirements for high-quality lithium-ion power stations and zero fuel costs make them far significantly cheaper in the long run.

They are Quiet

If you’ve ever been around a gasoline generator, you’ll know that they are incredibly noisy.

Even smaller and more compact generators tend to make enough noise for them to be mildly annoying.

Portable power stations, on the other hand, are virtually noiseless because they don’t contain any engines or moving parts for that matter.

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