Why Become A Distributor?

Lead-Acid batteries are on a path to extinction –Companies are constantly in need of charging, maintaining, and replacing these batteries. BigBattery has solved this problem by creating zero maintenance high-performance Lithium-Ion and LiFoPO4 replacement batteries for all lead-acid applications.

Through our distributor partnership, we would like to provide you with a mutually beneficial opportunity We need your help sharing the best battery technology with all the companies in need of these solutions.


Sign up to join others sharing the newest battery technology with the best service warranty and pricing in the country.

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Build relationships and connect new business to BigBattery solutions


Earn 20% of gross sale price in perpetuity for as long as your clients purchase our products

Why we created the Distributor Partnership Program

Our mission is to promote the mass adoption of efficient green energy solutions
We are successfully creating demand through lowering the cost of new battery technology. The US spends $23B+ every year on batteries and we want you to win this business. Together, we can help people and businesses keep battery operated applications in use longer in order to promote efficient battery solutions in the United States.

Distributor Program Benefits:

● Work from anywhere in the world, at any time you choose
● Straight-forward commission on all gross sales procured from your customers
● Customer Exclusivity – You get paid in perpetuity for as long as your customer purchases our products
● BigBattery will handle the accounting, fulfillment, logistics, and customer service

How Does This Relationship Work?

Once signed up as a BigBattery distributor, you find the companies in need of new battery technology and offer them the best price in the United States. You make 20% of the gross purchase price in perpetuity for as long as they buy our products.
Upon successful registration, our marketing team will provide you with product photo + video content, spec sheets and updated marketing tools. While you utilize our tools to locate new B2B clients and markets, BigBattery will handle the accounting, fulfillment, logistics, and customer service.

Our country spends $26.3 Billion Dollars every year in Lead-Acid Batteries! Our batteries perform 3x Better than Lead-Acid, Last 4x Longer and Require ZERO MAINTENANCE ! 

Think of everything that uses a Lead-Acid Batteries today.. Our products will make all those things run 3x Better and last 4x Longer! The market for Lithium-Ion Batteries as “Lead-Acid Replacements” is HUGE and ripe for the picking!

Golf Courses:      1,000,000+ Electric Golf Carts Need BigBattery Products!
Warehouses:       600,000+ Electric Forklifts & 500,000+ Electric Manlifts Need BigBattery!
RV Market:           2,000,000+ Class A/B/C RV’s our LiFePO4 Battery Upgrade Kits!
Off-Grid Market: 1,700,000+ Off-Grid Homes Need Energy Storage for Solar & Wind!

Other Applications Include:

  • Marine Batteries
  • Emergency Power
  • Peak Shaving
  • Indoor Farming
  • Industrial Solar
  • Mobile Solar
  • Boondocking
  • Industrial Backup

When you are provide BigBattery products to these markets above, you are giving your customers the best battery solution at the best price.

We Guarantee the best quality at prices well below all competitors. Our Batteries are Made in the USA with Live Customer Service 24/7 and a (10) Year Warranty! Our batteries are manufactured with the lowest carbon footprint and we offer the widest range of solutions for “drop-in lead-acid upgrade kits” ( eGolf Carts, eForklifts, All RV’s, Boats, Off-Grid Solar Applications, Portable Power, Emergency Power, Etc.) Our systems are modular outperform all other competitors in performance and price.

BigBattery, Inc. was created to lower the cost of new battery technology in the USA. Our goal is to promote mass-adoption of efficient “Green Energy Solutions” through lowering the cost of batteries which will keep things in use longer and promote efficient electronic solutions in the United States. We do this to help companies while saving our environment.

You can sell at any volume in the USA or Full Truck Load (FTL) anywhere in the world.  
Although BigBattery can ship full truck loads (FTL) almost anywhere in the world, we specialize in shipping FTL, LTL and Parcel Post in the United States. We have mastered B2C fulfillment to consumers providing the DIY community with 37,000 Fulfillments last year (2019). Our products are tried, tested and true by consumers and now it is your mission to find the Business’ in need of high-performance batteries at the lowest prices. We would like you to focus your marketing on the continental United States. We are happy to fulfill larger FTL orders outside the USA if you find an opportunity.

There is no max order quantity, It’s a “Volume Game” and the Sky’s the Limit!
You get paid a straight-forward commission on all Gross-Sales procured from your customers.
If your customer is a single Golf-Course, you might make $15,000 – but if you can sell Amazon on using BigBattery in their Electric Forklift Fleet, you’ll make well over a Million Dollars on that single account.

Power in Compounding Business:
This is NOT a one-time commission. You are given Exclusivity on your customer and paid in perpetuity for as long as your customer purchases our products. This means you will continue to profit from accounts you closed months (or even years) prior. If you are successful at building a book of business with BigBattery, you will be able to make a fortune and have a wonderful retirement plan!

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A “BigBattery Distributor?

YOUR MISSION: (If you choose to accept) is to find Business’ in need of new battery solutions at the best prices in the USA. We will handle all Manufacturing, Logistics and Customer Service and you will receive (15%) of the Gross Purchase Price for ALL batteries that you can sell to your clients in perpetuity. Forever.

As a “BigBattery Distributor”: you will be granted: [Marketing Material, Distributor Pricing, Affiliate Links, Discount Codes, and a BigBattery Account Representative to assist you]. Lead-Acid Batteries are Dead. Together – we can bring new, efficient and cost-effective Battery Solutions to everyone in our country!