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Are you searching for reliable, cutting-edge lithium solutions that you can feel confident about offering to your customers and subscribers? BigBattery, a global renewable energy company since 2011, is here for you. Our partners enjoy competitive pricing, promotional assets, and dedicated in-house support.

Simply identify which Partner Program is right for you, submit the program application, and our experienced account representatives will reach out to you shortly. Discover the convenience of a one-stop-shop experience with BigBattery!

Why BigBattery?


BigBattery provides a comprehensive range of specially crafted lithium solutions for mobility applications, residential power, and much more. Our product line includes complete power systems, all-in-one battery kits, and individual components, streamlining your selection process and saving you both time and money.


For technical assistance and customer inquiries, our team is committed to guiding you every step of the way. Reach out to us over the phone or through our website chat for prompt assistance. You can also visit the Product Documents & FAQ pages for downloadable user manuals & spec sheets, along with answers to frequently asked questions.


Founded in 2011, BigBattery has been dedicated to innovating premium lithium batteries for customers across the country. As a recognized brand in the off-grid solar market, we've expanded into the grid-tied space, along with providing the best LiFePO4 solutions for golf & utility carts, RVs & camper vans, and industrial equipment.

Curious About Our Pricing?

Dealers & distributors can access our price list by joining our growing network of dealers & distributors. Approved dealers enjoy special dropshipping rates, and we provide troubleshooting support for all end-customers.

Need marketing material for your store or website? Our team can provide digital assets and print material for your brand, and we can assist with custom requests based on your needs.

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Dealers & Distributors

At BigBattery, we’re revolutionizing the energy storage industry with our cutting-edge lithium-ion battery technology, and as a trusted future partner, we invite you to join us in bringing the power of sustainable energy solutions to customers worldwide. Our Dealer & Distributor Programs offer businesses like yours unparalleled access to our premium product line of lithium-ion batteries and power systems, renowned for their superior performance, durability, and safety.

With a diverse range of solutions tailored to meet various energy storage needs, our dealers & distributors can confidently offer their customers reliable solutions for residential and commercial ESS, mobility applications such as golf & utility carts, RVs & camper vans, industrial equipment, and more. By becoming a part of our growing network, you’ll benefit from comprehensive training, U.S.-based marketing and technical support, and exclusive pricing and incentives, empowering you to thrive in this rapidly growing market while contributing to a cleaner, greener energy future. Join us today and together, let’s power the world forward with BigBattery lithium-ion technology!


Frequently Asked Questions

Fill out the Dealer Application and one of our partner representatives will contact you to review your application and to answer any questions about the setup process.

Yes, once you are enrolled as a dealer partner you will receive your own secure login for ordering product and to access all partner-level features and benefits

There are various wholesale pricing tiers that your representative can discuss with you depending upon your business model and purchase volume.

We currently ship all of our products from our Chatsworth, California location. We have plans to  offer additional logistical hubs that we hope to announce soon.

We currently offer shipping and returns and service requests in the continental (Lower 48) United States. On a case-by-case basis we can discuss shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and internationally, but restrictions may apply. Contact your representative for details.

Solar Installers

If you’re looking to offer the highest-quality products to your customers, while guaranteeing the best margins on your solar installs, then our Solar Installer Partner Program has you covered. We’re looking to partner with solar installers like you to offer our latest in home power solutions. We’ve sold over 120,000 residential units into the US market, receiving stellar ratings from customers, and we currently supply our battery solutions to hundreds of solar installers just like you.

We want to become your preferred battery and inverter supplier, providing incredible margins, unbeatable price points, and cutting-edge technology for your business. To join our growing network of solar installers, click the button below and apply today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Fill out the Solar Installer Application and one of our partner representatives will contact you to review your application and to answer any questions about the setup process. You must be affiliated with a licensed installation company or an electrical contractor which will enable one of our representatives to assign you an installer account.


You can then get access to the BigBattery installation training videos and materials. There is no mandatory training certification although it is strongly recommended.

Yes, once you are enrolled as a solar installer partner you will receive your own secure login for ordering product and to access all partner-level features and benefits.

There are various wholesale pricing tiers that your representative can discuss with you depending upon your business model and purchase volume.

We recommend the LuxPower inverter, but our battery systems are also compatible with EG4, Growatt, Schneider, Inhenergy, Voltronic, Sol-Ark, Deye, Megarevo, Victron, Solis, and SMA inverter brands.

The Big Battery system is a comprehensive residential energy management solution designed to cater to the needs of homeowners. At its core, it comprises two essential components: the BMS Control Box, an energy management unit enabling control over the entire home’s power, and the Battery Module, an energy storage battery paired with a hybrid inverter. Users have the convenience of remotely monitoring and operating their Big Battery systems through the BigBattery mobile phone application. Big Battery offers a range of benefits:


Safety: Ensuring both home safety and the security of a contemporary LFP battery storage system, the Big Battery line provides reliable energy supply.


Reliability: With extensive testing, continuous monitoring for issues, and the use of tier 1 battery cells, Big Battery boasts unrivaled reliability, backed by a solid 10-year warranty.


Compatibility: As an AC-coupled battery energy storage system, the Big Battery seamlessly integrates with nearly all grid-tied solar inverters.The preferred LuxPower hybrid inverter has Ac and DC coupling capabilities, which means it can be added to existing solar systems. 


Integration: Positioned discreetly behind the main panel, the Big Battery often circumvents costly main panel upgrades while effortlessly facilitating home energy management. Its compatibility with the grid, solar systems, and generators ensures seamless integration.


User-Friendly Interface: Operating the system is a breeze with the BB mobile app, available on both iOS and Android platforms. Users can customize settings for backup, peak-valley power use for load shifting, real-time monitoring, and more.


Backup Options: Offering both whole-home and partial backup solutions, the Big Battery line ensures uninterrupted power supply. Seamless mode switching and UPS-grade current quality guarantee superior and hassle-free user experiences.


Return On Investment (ROI): Big Battery delivers ROI through various avenues, including the protection of perishables and electronic devices, cost-effective load shifting, power feedback to the grid (where permitted by regulations), and a robust warranty that shields against unexpected expenses.

The Ethos is both UL Certified individually and also when paired with the LuxPower inverter. The Ethos energy storage system is also listed on the California Energy Commission site, which is the highest regulatory standard.


The Energy Commission’s Solar Equipment Lists include equipment that meets established national safety and performance standards. The Energy Storage System List is a must for getting approval to install with any AHJ in California. The BigBattery Ethos energy storage systems on the Energy Storage System List include the reliable and versatile LuxPower inverter that is capable of advanced functionality, also known as a “smart inverter”.


An Energy Storage System (ESS) comprises various elements. The UL 9540 standard, therefore, encompasses not just itself but also incorporates two preceding standards: UL 1973 (pertaining to stationary battery packs) and UL 1741 (related to inverters). These standards, along with meticulous thermal and electrical testing, and evaluation of all components operating collectively, form the basis of UL 9540 certification.

Yes, Our 100% US-Based customer service team and technical support team are available Monday through Saturday to answer any questions and give technical support for installers and the end-user. We are here to help educate our customers and empower our installer partners to maximum success and minimum truck rolls.

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Affiliate Program


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Join a network of creators, influencers, and battery enthusiasts, collectively earning lucrative commissions with our BigBattery Affiliate Program!


Share and boost your beloved BigBattery products online using your exclusive creator discount code and/or custom link!


Earn commissions from qualifying purchases, with our brand's quality and reputation maximizing your benefits!


Frequently Asked Questions

An affiliate program is a collaborative marketing initiative where businesses reward individuals or entities, known as affiliates, for driving traffic or generating sales through their promotional efforts. Upon joining, affiliates receive unique tracking links and/or coupon codes to measure their impact accurately. Affiliates then promote the merchant’s products or services through diverse online and social media channels. In return, affiliates earn commissions based on a predetermined structure for each sale or lead attributed to their efforts.

Affiliates can be individual content creators, bloggers, or influencers of any kind.

Affiliates receive compensation solely when their coupon code or unique link leads to a completed transaction. All affiliate earnings are directly disbursed through ACH payments.

Becoming a partner through our affiliate program is 100% free.

Affiliates are invited to join us from anywhere in the world! However, please note that we currently only ship products directly to the lower 48 states and affiliates can only earn commission on purchases made by customers only within the lower 48 states, with all commission payments made in US dollars.

Affiliate partners earn a 5% commission on all sales generated through their code and/or link. To receive credit and commissions for any sales, the order must be placed through the unique affiliate link provided by BigBattery, or a customer must use the affiliate’s unique discount code at checkout.