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Reduce your carbon footprint with a portable battery power station

In an age where smartphones can be charged from with a pocket-sized battery pack, shouldn’t there a similar, more sustainable way to restore power in a home in the wake of a storm? Or perhaps power a campsite without the constant hum of a generator?

Enter: portable battery power station. These power generators use lithium battery power packs to store energy and are completely safe to run indoors since they don’t generate any emissions. Depending on the power pack, they have enough capacity to power a range of small appliances with a host of different outlets.

These portable power generators are like big batteries; they don’t create electricity. All you need to do is charge them either from a regular wall outlet or a portable solar panel. Although energy storage systems are far more limited than gas generators since they’re not really designed for high-load devices like refrigerators, but they’re a blessing during emergency power outages! For instance, if you need to run a CPAP sleep apnea machine overnight during a power outage, or charge your laptop, phones and other small electronics, a portable power generator is all you need.

You can even go completely off the grid by combining a solar power system and a lithium-ion solar battery backup. In this case, the solar battery backup stores the solar energy for later use (such as for emergency situations).

The benefits?

No electricity bills

A self-sustainable power system that’s independent from the utility company

A reliable power backup for emergency situations

And most importantly, reduced carbon footprint!

Applications of portable power generators

Reliable electricity supply in remote areas

Lithium-ion power packs facilitate long-term, independent and sustainable electricity generation in remote and rural areas.

Emergency power storage in areas with frequent electricity cuts

Transmission malfunctions can halt operations and lead to significant production losses. Off-grid solar systems powered by lithium-ion battery packs provide a viable, economical and long-term solution to overcome problems that occur due to frequent electricity cuts.

Furthermore, Lithium battery packs in today’s portable power systems are of a convenient size (3 times smaller and substantially lighter than gas generator). You can easily store them in the back of your SUV! Plus, these portable power stations are rechargeable by a variety of means.

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