24V 170Ah LiFePO4 Power Block – RV



Shipping: 1 = $120, 2 = $240, 3 = $300

This NEW battery made with new, never-before-cycled LiFePO4 cells is perfect as a drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries in your Golf Cart, RV, Emergency Power Supplies, Outdoor Motors, Electric Wheelchairs, Etc. while giving you more capacity, faster battery charging speed, longer cycle life and is Eco-friendly!

YES – you can connect Parallel for increased capacity. (Up to 8)

YES – you can connect in Series for 48 volts. (Up to 2)

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Electrical Specifications

Voltage: 24V

Voltage Range: 17V-30V

Nominal Capacity: 170Ah (4352Wh)

Energy: 4.352kWh

Chemistry: LiFePO4

Short Circuit Current: Fused @ 300A

Max Continuous Current: 175A

Max Continuous Output: 4600 Watts

Max Peak Current: 350A (6 seconds)

Charging Temperature Range: -0°C – 55°C

Discharging Temperature Range: -30°C – 55°C

Optimal Discharge Temp. Range: 15°C – 35°C

Storage Temperature: -20°C – 35°C (6 months)

Suggest Charging Voltage: 29.2V

Max Charge Current: 100A

BMS Protection: Temperature, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over-Current

Built with UL listed Lithium-Ion Cells (LiFePO4)

Connector: Anderson Quick Connect SB175

Physical Specifications

Length: 10.24in

Width: 7.09in

Height: 20.6in

Weight: 92lbs

Additional information

Weight92 lbs
Dimensions10.24 × 7.09 × 20.6 in