48V Li-ion Mega Power Pack




Electrical Specifications

Nominal Voltage: 48V

Voltage Range: 41V – 58.8V

(G1) Capacity: 12kWh

(G2) Capacity: 16kWh

Configuration: 7S8P

(8) BMS Integrated

Maximum Current Discharge: 480A

Maximum Current Charge: 320A

Fuse Protection: 8/100A rated per string

Breakers: (8) 60A breakers

Storage Temperature: 0 – 89.6 F (-18 – 32 C)

Operating Temperature: 32 – 122 F (0 – 50 C)

Nominal Voltage/Module: 7.5V

Maximum Charge Voltage/Module: 8.3V

End of Discharge Voltage/Module: 5V

*Each cell voltage should be less than 4.15V

*Each cell voltage should be more that 2.5V


LED Voltage Meter


Anderson Quick Connect SB175

Physical Specifications

Length: 29.5in

Width: 18.25in

Height: 69in

Weight: 650lbs

Heavy duty scratch-proof metal casing with rust resistant paint.

Additional information

Weight650 lbs
Dimensions29.5 × 18.25 × 69 in