48V Li-ion Powerwall


With our 48V Powerwall system you are able to supply enough power to support your mobile devices, home appliances and RV/Trailer without causing any damage to the environment. Our 48VPowerwall battery will deliver your energy as efficient as any other electric home solution. You can recharge your powerwall in 5+ hours that delivers ample time for your daily amenities.


Electrical Specifications

Nominal Voltage: 52.5V

Voltage Range: 42V ~ 58.8V

Capacity: 3.8kWh

Configuration: 14S

Chemistry: Li-ion

Maximum Charge Current: 65A

Maximum Discharge Current: 130A

Cell Over Charge: 4.20V

Cell Over Discharge: 2.75V

Breaker: 63A

BMS: 65A

Physical Specifications

Length: 16.25in

Width: 9.75in

Height: 28.5in

Weight: 160lbs

Operational Specifications

Operational Temp Range: -20℃ ~ 50℃

Storage Temp Range: -40℃ ~ 55℃


Voltage Meter % (LED)


Anderson Quick Connect: SB50 (Grey) with 6 gauge wire

Stack able or Side-by-Side for Parallel

Removable casters for portability

Additional information

Weight160 lbs
Dimensions16.25 × 9.75 × 25.5 in