Nissan Leaf Complete Battery (G1)

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Note: Safety Disconnect pictured is NOT included.

*If you are disassembling this G1 Compete Battery with the goal of building you own pack using the 48 Nissan Leaf Battery Modules included inside please know that it comes with 24 “TYPE A” & 24 “TYPE B” modules. BE SURE TO USE A BMS WITH YOUR PACK!*


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Electrical Specifications:
Voltage: 403.2V
Nominal Voltage: 360V
Original Capacity: 24kWh
**60% of Original Capacity**
Power Output: Over 90 kW
Energy Density: 140 Wh/kg
Power Density: 2.5 kW/kg
Dimensions: 61.8 x 46.8 x 10.4 in. (1570.5 x 1188 x 264.9 mm)
Wight: 648 lbs
Year: 2011-14
Number of modules: 48 (Gen 1)
*Each module has 4 cells (2 in series and 2 in parallel)


Module Configurations for DIY Applications:
  • (3) Modules  = (6S) for (24V) Packs
  • (5) Modules  = (10S) for (36V) Packs
  • (7) Modules  = (14S) for (48V) Packs
  • (10) Modules= (20S) for (72V) Packs
Suggested applications: Powerwalls, EV Conversions & Lead-acid to Li-ion conversions for RV’s, Golf Carts, Forklift, etc.


Disassembly Instructions:
Please be advised, disassembly must be done by a trained professional. These 360V packs, take proper precautions during disassembly.

Additional information

Weight299.37 lbs
Dimensions59 × 47 × 25 in


Unfortunately, we only ship within the continental United States, but if you have a freight forwarder that you use then we can work with them to forward it to you.

Each battery ordered would have to be packed separately on its own pallet at dimensions of 48″x60″20″ and a weight of 770lbs.

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