Nissan Leaf Battery (G1)

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Our Nissan Leaf Gen 1 Battery Modules are perfect for DIY Powerwalls & DIY lead-acid to lithium conversions for your RV, Golf Cart, E-Bike, etc. giving you more power, less weight, longer life and ZERO MAINTENANCE!

*If you are building you own pack using these Nissan Leaf Battery Modules please let us know how many of “TYPE A” & “TYPE B” modules you will need. BE SURE TO USE A BMS WITH YOUR PACK!*

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Electrical Specifications

Voltage: 8V

Capacity: 41Ah

Configuration: 2S2P

Chemistry: NMC

Maximum Charge Voltage: 8.3V

End of Discharge Voltage: 5V

Maximum Continuous Charge Current: 130A

Maximum Continuous Discharge Current: 130A

Physical Specifications

Length: 11.93in

Width: 8.78in

Height: 1.38in

Weight: 8.38lbs

Terminal Specifications

M6 Terminal: 12mm

M4 Terminal (middle): 11.5mm

Additional information

Weight8.38 lbs
Dimensions11.93 × 8.78 × 1.38 in