110V BatteryEVO Portable Power Station

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Energy storage doesn’t have to be fixed it can be portable BigBattery’s 300W Portable Power Station is lightweight and portable with high energy density, quick recharge times in a robust aluminum casing, all at record breaking value for your money.

This highly portable power source features a two standard 110V AC outlets, dual USB ports and a range of charging options (AC/DC/Solar Panels).

Use it for uninterrupted power, when on the move, during emergencies, disasters or during black/brownouts This portable power stations will power your phones, tablets, computers and routers keeping you online during an outage It will also provide your home or campsite with basic lighting, fans and connectivity Power your devices and small appliances anywhere at anytime!

Electrical Specifications

Voltage: 36V

Capacity: 180Wh

Configuration: 10S2P

Output Voltage: 2x 110V AC / 60Hz (Modified Sine Wave)

USB 2.0 Output: 2x 5V DC 2A

Storage Temperature Range: -10°C to 55°C

Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to 45°C

Charging Temperature Range: 0°C to 45°C

Output Power: 300W continuous output, 450W short term

Self-Discharge: 90 hours with no load, power off

Cooling Internal fan; auto start

Display: Approximate indication of state of charge

Operating Modes: Discharge, Charge, UPS (charge/discharge) – 72W max

Protective Shutdown: Temperature, Overload, Short circuit

Internal Fuse: Not user-replaceable

Audible Warnings: Battery discharged, Overload shutdown

Battery Management System: Integrated

Estimated Cycle Life by Depth of Discharge: 400 cycles @ 90% DOD, 800 cycles @ 60% DOD

Certification: CE and UN/DOT compliant components

AC Charging Input: 100-240V AC universal input – 80W

DC Charging Input 42V – 1.9A max

DC Solar Charging Input 42-60V – 2A max

DC Solar Charging Input Connector: 5.5mm x 1.7mm male adapter (e.g. DC5517)

Physical Specifications

Exterior Case: Extruded aluminum

Length: 10.47in

Width: 3.62in

Height: 3.15in

Weight: 4lbs

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