Our FALCON Elite is being replaced with 2nd Generation alternatives with advanced features and protections. If you're looking to take your cart to the next level, shop the EAGLE 2 & HUSKY 2 today!


  • 48V 2X EAGLE 2 KIT

    LiFePO4 - 64Ah - 3.26kWh

    • 48V 1X HUSKY 2 KIT

      LiFePO4 - 100Ah - 5.12kWh


      12V 2X HUSKY 2 KIT


      10 Year Warranty

      Applied To Batteries Only


      12V 2X HUSKY 2 KIT


      Included Components

      2 × 12V HUSKY 2 - LiFePO4 - 400Ah - 5.12kWh
      1 × 4AWG (Black and Red) 21 inches Ring to Ring Terminal Cable

      Compatible Accessories

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      SECOND GENERATION POWER STORAGE IS HERE! The 12V 10.24kWh LiFePO4 HUSKY 2 Kit is the latest and greatest from BigBattery, providing unmatched reliability and efficiency for your RV, camper vans, trolling motors, and other marine applications.


      The HUSKY 2 is our most energy-dense 12V solution to date, designed to power your adventures no matter how far they take you. From its Tier 1 LFP cells to its generous operating parameters and wide temperature range, this battery redefines versatility and durability when it comes to lithium power storage. But that’s not all…


      The HUSKY 2 comes with state-of-the-art features to enhance the safety and visibility of your power. Not only is it housed in an IP65-rated casing, and equipped with an advanced BMS capable of auto-balancing cells, but it also boasts a self-heating function to ensure you have reliable power through every winter excursion. Plus, the HUSKY 2 features full CANBus and RS485 communication protocols so you can always monitor the status and performance of your power.


      Our HUSKY 2 Kit was designed to serve as a plug-and-play solution for your adventure vehicles and aquatic vessels, and comes with all cables and components included for a quick and easy installation, all while requiring zero maintenance. Equipped with the HUSKY 2, you’ll be powered and prepared to hit the road, or the water, worry-free every time. Shop the all-new 12V HUSKY 2 Kit today!

      IP65 Protection Rating
      CANBUS & RS485

      Single Battery Tech Specs

      System Voltage:12V
      Nominal Voltage:12.8V
      Chemistry: LiFePO4
      kWh Capacity: 5.12kWh
      Ah Capacity: 400Ah
      Charging Voltage Range:13.9V - 14V
      Max Charge Voltage:14.4V
      Operating Voltage Range:12V - 14.4V
      Suggested Low Voltage Cutoff:12V - 12.7V
      BMS Cutoff Range:10.5V - 11.75V
      Cell Configuration:4S
      Max Continuous Discharge Current:300A
      Max Continuous Power: 5120W
      Max Discharge Peak Current: 350A (Max 5 seconds)
      Max Charge Current:200A
      Charge Temperature Range:-4°F - 113°F (-20°C - 45°C)
      Discharge Temperature Range:-4°F - 131°F (-20°C - 55°C)
      Optimal Discharge Temperature Range:59°F - 95°F (15°C - 35°C)
      Storage Temperature Range:-4°F - 113°F (-20°C - 45°C) (Max 6 months)
      Weight:95 lb (43.1 kg)
      Depth:12.6 in (320 mm)
      Width: 18.1 in (460 mm)
      Height:9.8 in (249 mm)
      Max Connections:Up to (16) Parallel
      Protection Rating:IP65 / NEMA 4X
      Communications:CANBus / RS485
      Spec Sheet Download:
      User Manual Download:
      Safety Data Sheet Download:

      Designed For 12V Applications

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