24V 170Ah LiFePO4 Power Block

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Our 24V 4.4KWh battery is designed around NEW LiFePO4 cells and manufactured in the USA. This Replacement Battery Pack is an extreme upgrade to any Lead-Acid battery system in your RV, Golf Cart, Solar, or Off-Grid Power Application. By upgrading to this BigBattery pack, you will have More Capacity, More Power, Faster Charging Capabilities, Lighter Payloads, Longer Cycle-Life and the lowest carbon footprint. These batteries are designed to last up to (10) years with Zero Maintenance Required. In both short and long-term, we guarantee that you will see and feel the LiFePO4 difference!

Other Info:

• Top Selling 24V Model• Zero Maintenance   
• Compact Modular Design• Color LED Display
High Cold-Cranking Amps   • Upgraded Mosfet Design
• High Temp Operating Range• Highest Power/Size Ratio
3000 A Short Circuit Protection• New BMS & Thermal System 
  • This pack connects via Anderson Quick-Connect SB175 Cables sold : HERE
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Product Reviews:

Detailed Battery Specs:

Chemistry:           LiFePO4 (New)
Configuration:   8S (Series)
Voltage:               24V

Ah Capacity:       170Ah
kWh Capacity:    4.352kWh
Wh Capacity:      4352Wh

This Assembled Battery Pack Includes:

  1. (4X) New Lishen Prismatic Cells
  2. BigBattery Thermal Management System
  3. SB175 Anderson Female Power Connector
  4. BMS (Battery Management System) & 300A Fus
  5. Digital LED Voltage Meter & LED Power Switch
  6. BatteryEVO PCB – Power & Data Board
  7. QR / Digital Instruction Manual
  8. Full Service Tech-Support Plan

Performance Specs:

Max Continuous Discharge Current:          175A
Max Continuous Power:                                    4480W
Max Discharge Peak Current:                        350A (6 Seconds)
Voltage Range:                                                     19.6 – 29.2V

Charging Specs:

Suggested Charge Voltage:     29.2V
Max Charge Current :                175A

Temperature Parameters:

Charge Temp Range (°C):                      0°C – 35°C
Discharge Temp Range (°C):            -30°C – 55°C
Optimal Discharge Temp. Range:     15°C – 35°C
Storage Temp:                                      -20°C –  35°C (Max 6 Months)


Weight:    92 (LBS)
Length:    10.24 (in)
Width:      7.09 (in)
Height:     20.6 (in)

Safety Features:

BMS (Battery Management System)
Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over-Current
(Thermal Management System), Safety Fuse (300A)

Max battery Connections:

Series:         (YES) ☑      Cap x (2) Blocks Using Cables: HERE
Paralel:      (YES) ☑      Cap x (8) Blocks Using Cables: HERE