24V HAWK MAX 2 - LiFePO4 - 228Ah - 5.8kWh


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Our 24V HAWK Max is back with second generation upgrades and even more capacity!


We don’t know how a battery can get any better than this. With fast charging, longer cycle life, longer total lifespan, a wide temperature operating range, and our proprietary triple safety redundancy system, there’s nothing this battery can’t do. Whether you’re prepping your solar home or cabin to be off-grid, looking to stay prepared in case of emergencies

Tech Spec


✅ LED Display
✅ Compact Modular Design
✅ High Temp Operating Range
✅ Best Power Density/Pack Size
✅ Best Aluminum Mosfet Design
✅ 3000 A Short Circuit Protection
✅ High Cold-Cranking Amps (400A)


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Accessories For - 24V HAWK MAX 2 - LiFePO4 - 228Ah - 5.8kWh

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    Parallel Cable

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    Series Cable

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  • SKU# C24-20000
    Sale! 24V 30A48V15A Charger

    24V 30A

    Connection Type - SB50

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