36V Li-ion Battery w/ BMS


SKU EVE ICR18650 Category Model#: 36-1EV18

Each pack comes with 20 Eve 2550mAh cells in 10s2p (36v) configuration. Fully charged 42v, fully discharged 28v.

A quality BMS with a separate charge and discharge port, plus temperature and balancing!

These came from very popular scooters and will make awesome packs for Powerwalls, eBikes, Skateboards, Scooters, etc. Tested at 90% or better capacity which means they have very few cycles, will work like new, and have a lot of life left. Eve cells are rated at 1000 cycles!

Using the charge port of the BMS wire you can charge these at 3A, discharge port is rated at 10A continuous. The BMS is top quality and trusted by major brands. It protects against over charge, over discharge, balances cells, and has temperature protection with probes. These packs are ready to go! You can add your own connector to the charge and discharge outputs. We leave some wire length for you to do that. Can easily parallel these together into a Powerwall or larger eBike pack. If you have a 1000W 36V eBike for example you can parallel 3 of these together and make your own ebike battery for a fraction of the cost of anything on the market.

Salvaging Cells?

You can easily get $10 for the BMS online all day long, meaning you only pay 75 cents/cell that are 3c rated! Guaranteed no dead cells and these will test great. Below are the cell specs. You will get 20 per pack!

Electrical Specifications

Nominal Voltage/pack: 36V

Nominal Voltage/cell: 3.75V

Voltage Range/pack: 31 – 41V

Voltage Range/cell: 2.5 – 4.2V

Capacity/pack: 5.1Ah

Configuration: 10S2P (20 cells)

Chemistry: NMC

Low Voltage/cell: 2.5V

High Voltage/cell: 4.2V

BMS: 2A max 5C discharge

Physical Specifications

Length: 8.25in

Width: 3in

Height: 2in

Weight: 2.2lbs

Each pack can be discharged at 10A which means 360W per pack discharge rate. Good rule of thumb is 3 packs for every 1000W of discharge needed to achieve the desired power output. Each pack being 183.6Wh if you wanted 2kwh of energy storage you would need around 11 packs (5.5 packs/1kWh). Roughly 100W of charging per pack since the charge port is rated at 3A. You can charge using the discharge wires to charge faster but you would lose overcharge protection. The thinner black wires are the charge wires, the thicker red and black wires are the discharge wires.

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