48V All-In-One Mobile Power System Elite


10 Year Warranty

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Upgrade Your System & Save

2x Capacity

w. Cables
$ 6,015
  • (2) 48V HSKY - LFP - 220AH - 10.6 kWh
  • 5.3KWh Battery & 6,000W Inverter & Charger
  • Includes Cables & Accessories

3x Capacity

w. Pre-Wired Paralell Box
$ 8,499
  • (3) 48V HSKY - LFP - 330AH - 15.9 kWh
  • 5.3KWh Battery & 6,000W Inverter & Charger
  • Includes Parallel Box, Cables & Accessories

4x Capacity

w. Pre-Wired Paralell Box
$ 10,698
  • (4) 48V HSKY - LFP - 440AH - 21.2 kW
  • 5.3KWh Battery & 6,000W Inverter & Charger
  • Includes Parallel Box, Cables & Accessories


The 48V All-In-One RV Power System Plus is a complete and calibrated drop-in kit designed as a 48V Upgrade Solution for your RV. This kit will provide you with 2-3x More Power at 1/3rd the weight & size of your current lead-acid battery system. The Power System Elite Upgrade Kit was designed to save you weight, space, time, fuel, money and the headache of maintenance.

With this UL Certified 6,000-Watt Inverter, you will have access to 200-300% more power. The included 5.3KWh LFP Battery Pack will shave 500+lbs off of your RVs weight with enough power to run a 4 bedroom house! (As demonstrated in this YouTube video).

With the Power System Plus you will be able to power everything in and around your RV! It will tackle all high-energy applications simultaneously such as water heaters, compressors, washing machines and multiple AC units without the need to run, hear or smell your diesel generator. This system connects to shore power so your battery will automatically charge when connected.  All Batteries Included are guaranteed to last 10+ Years with Zero Maintenance! 


Installation Time Required: (2-3 Hours)

Gain More Power, Fuel Efficiency, Storage Space, and Peace Of Mind with the Power System Plus!

** This Kit Includes “WiFi” for easy monitoring from any Mobile Phone, Laptop or Internet Browser! Now you can monitor your Battery Capacity, Energy Usage and Solar Charging! **

This Kit Includes:

BATTERY:    5.3 kWh / LiFePO4 HSKY Battery Pack
INVERTER:  6,000-Watt / Growatt Inverter & Charger : Model SPF6000TDVM (WiFi-F)

SAFETY:      Built-In BMS & Thermal Management System & 300A Fuse
CABLES:     SB-175 Ring Terminal Cable 


Why Upgrade Your RV from Lead Acid to BigBattery?


BigBattery: Lasts 10+ Years with Zero Maintenance. (3,000-4,000/Cycles)

Lead-Acid: Lasts 2-3 Years with annual maintenance required. (500-1000/Cycles)

BigBattery: Weighs ⅓ the weight @ 100lBS for 5.3KWh of Capacity. 

Lead-Acid: Battery Bank adds 600/lbs to your RV lowering your RV’s fuel efficiency. 

BigBattery: Provides 2-3x More Power to easily run heavy applications. 

Lead-Acid: Relies on your generator using fuel to power heavy applications.
BigBattery: Charges 3x Faster through “Continuous Charge”.
Lead-Acid: Charges slower requiring wave charging and emits toxic offgas. 

BigBattery: Requires 1/3rd the space, providing extra storage capacity. 

Lead-Acid: Requires 3x more space, eliminating valuable storage for your tools and toys. 

BigBattery: Includes Smart Safety Features in every pack. (BMS/FUSE/THERMAL)

Lead-Acid: Zero safety built in. Exposed leads & terminals. Requires additional fuses. 

We are here to help! If you have any questions about your specific application, feel free to contact us via email at Sales@BigBattery.com or call # (818) 280-3091.

Tech Spec


✅ LED Display
✅ Compact Modular Design
✅ High Temp Operating Range
✅ Best Power Density/Pack Size
✅ Best Aluminum Mosfet Design
✅ 3000 A Short Circuit Protection
✅ High Cold-Cranking Amps (400A)


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