Kit 48V BDGR - NMC - 160Ah - 7.8kWh


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This is our Best Priced 48V Battery Solution (At a sub $345/kWh MSRP)!

Using NMC/LI-Ion CATL Cells, Capable of a 2C Discharge rate, this battery is the most cost-effective solution offered in our 48V Class.
This “4X Power Pack Kit” includes our newest BMS System, Thermal Management Solution, Triple-Safety Redundancy Features, and Anderson Connection Cables.
Perfect for any 48V Lead-Acid Upgrade to maximize the performance of your intended application. At (21LB/kWh) this is our lightest 48V Battery Pack!

This Kit Includes:

  • (1x) 4-to-1 SB50 to SB175 Cable
  • (1x) SB175 to Ring Terminal Cable
  • (1x) Charger

Other Info:

  • If your cart has electronics that require a 12V power source such as running lights or radio,
    you may also require a 36V to 12V step-down DC converter.
  • This battery is calibrated for your 48V Golf Carts, and 48V Off-Grid Solar applications.
Buy Discount Value Shipping Price Free Shipping
2 4% - (Save: $0) $359
4 6% - (Save: $0) $522
6 9% - (Save: $0) $871

Tech Spec


✅ LED Display
✅ Compact Modular Design
✅ High Temp Operating Range
✅ Best Power Density/Pack Size
✅ Best Aluminum Mosfet Design
✅ 3000 A Short Circuit Protection
✅ High Cold-Cranking Amps (400A)

This Kit Includes:​

(1x) 4-to-1 SB50 to SB175 Cable – 46″ (inch)
(1x) SB175 – 23″ (inch)
(1x) 48v Charger

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Kit 48V BDGR - NMC - 160Ah - 7.8kWh - Battery Review

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