48V GRILA - LiFePO4 - 120Ah - 6kWh


10 Year Warranty

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The 48V GORILLA is our most compact and capable powerwall to date! With 6 kWh of capacity and the ability to parallel connect several together make this the perfect option for your off-grid storage or backup power system. Plus, with a 200A Max Discharge Rate, this battery is prepared to handle heavy power loads for your 48V applications.

The 48V GORILLA is one of the safest powerwalls we offer due to its fused LiFePO4 Cells and triple safety redundancy system which includes thermal management, an advanced BMS and multiple breakers. Plus, the new A123 Cells installed in the GORILLA guarantees a safe and reliable 10-15 year run time, depending on your use case.

With a 120 Ah Continuous Discharge Rate, you could power your 2-4 bedroom home entirely off a single unit! This mighty beast of a battery is made right here in the USA and is by far the most cost-effective (price/kWh) powerwall in its class in the USA. So if you’re looking to massively upgrade your battery system, start with the 48V GORILLA!

Tech Spec


✅ LED Display
✅ Compact Modular Design
✅ High Temp Operating Range
✅ Best Power Density/Pack Size
✅ Best Aluminum Mosfet Design
✅ New A123 LiFePO4 Modules
✅ High Cold-Cranking Amps (400A)


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Accessories For - 48V GRILA - LiFePO4 - 120Ah - 6kWh

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    (1) SB175 to (2) SB175

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