48V LiFePO4 Powerwall (8S5P)

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Made with NEW A123 LiFePO4 Cells!

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This item uses Anderson SB175 connector – CLICK HERE

YES – you can connect Parallel for increased capacity. (Up to 4)

YES – you can connect in Series for 48 volts. (Up to 4)

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Electrical Specifications

Voltage: 48 V

Nominal Capacity: 5 kWh (104 AH)

Max Charge Voltage: 59 V

End of Discharge Voltage: 40 V

Power (Amp): 175A Continuous, 550A Peak

Chemistry: LiFePO4

Connection Type: Anderson SB175 Quick Connect

Physical Specifications

Length: 23.8 in

Width: 11 in

Height: 36.6 in

Weight: 195 lbs