10 Year Warranty


Upgrade Your System & Save

2x Capacity

w. Cables
$ 10,615
  • (2) 48V TREX - LFP - 233AH - 12KWH
  • Growatt 6000T DVM-MPV Inverter
  • All Cables

3x Capacity

w. Pre-Wired Parallel Box
$ 15,399
  • (3) 48V TREX - LFP - 233AH - 12KWH
  • Growatt 6000T DVM-MPV Inverter
  • Parallel Box
  • All Cables

4x Capacity

w. Pre-Wired Parallel Box
$ 19,898
  • (4) 48V TREX - LFP - 233AH - 12KWH
  • Growatt 6000T DVM-MPV Inverter
  • Parallel Box
  • All Cables


The Off-Grid Home Elite System was designed to completely power all your electronics and heavy duty home appliances in a 3-6 bedroom home. This system can be used as a large scale emergency power backup or a fully off-grid wind/solar home power system for larger homes. This is a powerhouse of a system, utilizing the newest inverter and battery technology at the best price in the USA!

The 48V/12KWh TREX Battery comes with a built-in color LCD Monitor Display and new LFP batteries guaranteed to last you 10-15 Years (depending on your usage). This battery is calibrated to the included
(UL Certified) 6,000-Wh Growatt Inverter pumping enough AC power to keep everything in your home running smoothly. This complete system comes with all components and parts required for any local low-voltage electrician to install on your house in less than a day! 

This All-In-One 48V Off-Grid Kit is compatible to work with all AC, wind, solar, generator power and/or any redundancy combination you require. This system connects to shore power so your battery will automatically charge when connected. The included low-frequency inverter eliminates power spikes within your home, allowing all your electronics in your home to last longer. This kit includes the safest LFP battery technology with our Built-In Triple-Safety Redundancy features and UL Certified Inverter. This system requires ZERO Maintenance and lasts 300% longer than lead-acid off-grid systems, all battery packs come with a 10 Year Warranty!

No need to worry about weather, disasters or grid failure ever again! Regain your energy independence by powering EVERYTHING in your home with the BigBattery All-In-One Off-Grid Home Elite System!  (As demonstrated by a customer in this YouTube video). 

BigBattery V.S. DIY V.S. TESLA?

Should I Build My Own Battery System

If you want to build a Battery Power System for the experience, that’s awesome! Just don’t do it to save money or time. After you buy all the parts and figure it all out, your total cost will be higher than our plug & play pre-made battery solutions ($$/KWh). By purchasing the parts to make our batteries in extremely high volumes, we are able to bring the price down to a point where.. Well.. It’s only worth building a Battery Power System if you really want to build one. 

Why not just Buy a Tesla Powerwall?
Our Home Power solutions use a much safer battery chemistry, at a much better price point and ship out within 48-72 Hours! If you want to pay for the fancy “T” be our guest.. But know that you will be waiting for a less safe battery chemistry with a lower battery cycle-life and paying a LOT more for it..

If you compare our LFP TREX vs NMC Tesla Powerwall, the TREX utilizes a safer, longer lasting battery at a fraction of the cost. Unlike TESLA, our products can be purchased without a solar system and ship within 48-72 hours! 

** This Kit Includes “WiFi” for easy monitoring from any Mobile Phone, Laptop or Internet Browser! Now you can monitor your Battery Capacity, Energy Usage and Solar Charging! **

This Kit Includes:

BATTERY:    (12) kWh / LiFePO4 48V TREX Battery Pack
INVERTER:  6,000 Watt (UL Certified) Growatt Inverter: Model SPF6000TDVM (WiFi-F)

SAFETY:      Built-In BMS & Thermal Management System & 300A Fuse
CABLES:     SB-175 Ring Terminal Cable
Fuse Box :   200A Additional Backup External Fuse

Installation Time Required: (3-4 Hours) with local low-voltage electrician. 

This system is calibrated for Off-Grid Home Power and/or Emergency Power Applications.
More Power, Less Maintenance, 3x Longer Life, Peace Of Mind & Energy Independence!

Why Upgrade Your Home to a BigBattery Off-Grid System?

BigBattery: Lasts
(10)+ Years with Zero Maintenance. (4,000+/Cycles)

Lead-Acid: Lasts 2-3 Years with annual maintenance required. (500-1000/Cycles)

BigBattery: Provides 3x More Power to easily run heavy applications. 

Lead-Acid: Cannot run heavy loads and only provide a 50% “Depth of Discharge”.
BigBattery: Can charge 3x Faster through efficient “Continuous Charge”.
Lead-Acid: Charges slower with higher power loss. Highly temperature sensitive. 

BigBattery: Requires 1/3rd the space, providing extra space in your home. 

Lead-Acid: Requires 3x the footprint, eliminating valuable space in your home.  

BigBattery: Includes Smart Safety Features in every pack. (BMS/FUSE/THERMAL)

Lead-Acid: Zero built-in safety features. Exposed terminals. Toxic off-gassing. Unsafe.  

We are here to help! If you have any questions about your specific application, feel free to contact us via email at Sales@BigBattery.com or call # (818) 280-3091.

Tech Spec


✅ LED Display
✅ Compact Modular Design
✅ High Temp Operating Range
✅ Best Power Density/Pack Size
✅ Best Aluminum Mosfet Design
✅ 3000 A Short Circuit Protection
✅ High Cold-Cranking Amps (400A)


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