48V Off Grid Home Plus System – Growatt 12K + 34kWh KONG ELITE PLUS Battery | 10-Year Warranty


10 Year Warranty

Applied To Batteries Only


48V Off Grid Home Plus System – Growatt 12K + 34kWh KONG ELITE PLUS Battery | 10-Year Warranty


Included Components

48V KONG LIFEPO4 233AH 12KWH Front View
2 × 48V KONG ELITE PLUS - LiFePO4 - 332Ah - 17.0kWh


1 × Growatt 12K Inverter


ring cable
2 × 4AWG 4FT BB350 to Ring Terminal Cable
1 × GROWATT-ShineWiFi-F
1 × Parallel Busbar


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Upgrade Your System & Save

3x Capacity

$ 24,314
  • (3) 48V KONG ELITE MAX - 1116Ah - 57kWh
  • 12kW Growatt Solar Inverter SPF 12000T DVM
  • Parallel Busbar
  • All Cables

4x Capacity

$ 31,628
  • (4) 48V KONG ELITE MAX - 1488Ah - 76kWh
  • 12kW Growatt Solar Inverter SPF 12000T DVM
  • Parallel Busbar
  • All Cables

6x Capacity

$ 46,256
  • (6) 48V KONG ELITE MAX - 2232Ah - 114kWh
  • 12kW Growatt Solar Inverter SPF 12000T DVM
  • Parallel Busbar​
  • All Cables

The 48V Off-Grid Home PLUS System was designed to completely power all your electronics and heavy duty home appliances in a 4-6 bedroom home. This system can be used as a large-scale emergency power backup or a fully off-grid wind/solar home power system for larger homes. This is a powerhouse of a system, utilizing the newest inverter and battery technology at the best price in the USA!


The 48V/17kWh KONG Elite Plus Battery comes with a built-in color LCD Smart Display and new LFP cells guaranteed to last you 10-15 Years (depending on your usage). This battery is calibrated to the 12,000-Wh Growatt Inverter pumping enough AC power to keep everything in your home running smoothly. This complete system comes with all components and parts required to install in your house within a day!


The 48V Off-Grid Home PLUS System is compatible to work with all AC, wind, solar, generator power and/or any redundancy combination you require. This system connects to shore power so your battery will automatically charge when connected. The included low-frequency inverter eliminates power spikes within your home, allowing all your electronics in your home to last longer. This kit includes the safest LFP battery technology with our Built-In Triple-Safety Redundancy features. This system requires ZERO Maintenance and lasts 300% longer than lead-acid off-grid systems, and all battery packs come with a 10 Year Warranty!


10 Year Savings Vs Lead-Acid


the weight and space




Safe & Reliable 

Tech Specs

Battery Specs

Total Kit kWh Capacity: 34kWh
Single Battery kWh Capacity: 17kWh
Total Kit Ah Capacity: 664Ah
Single Battery Ah Capacity: 332Ah
System Voltage:48V
Nominal Voltage:51.2V
Chemistry: LiFePO4
Charging Voltage Range:55.6 - 58.0V
Max Charge Voltage:58.8V
Operating Voltage Range:47.2 - 58.8V
Suggested Low Voltage Cutoff:47.2 - 50.8V
BMS Cutoff Range:42 - 47V
Cell Configuration:16S
Max Continuous Discharge Current:150A
Max Continuous Power: 7500W
Max Discharge Peak Current: 350A (6 Seconds)
Max Charge Current:90A
Charge Temperature Range:0°C (32°F) / 55°C (131°F)
Discharge Temperature Range:-20°C (-4°F) / 55°C (131°F)
Optimal Discharge Temperature Range:15°C (59°F) / 35°C (95°F)
Storage Temperature Range: -5°C (23°F) / 35°C (95°F) (Max 6 Months)
Weight:600 lb (272.2 kg)
Length: 15 in (38.1 cm)
Width: 25.5 in (64.8 cm)
Height:46.5 in (118.1 cm)
Safety Features:Fuse (300A) & Battery Management System
(Over/Under Voltage, Over Current, &
Over/Under Temperature Protections)
Max Connections:Up To (8) Parallel
Spec Sheet Download:
Product Manual Download:

Inverter Specs

Battery Voltage:48VDC
Rated Power:12000W
Surge Power: 36000W
Nominal Output Voltage RMS:104-110-115-120VAC
Nominal Output Voltage RMS (optional):208-220-230-240VAC
Output Frequency:50/60Hz (±0.5Hz)
Waveform:Pure Sine Wave
Waveform (Bypass Mode):Same as Input
Inverter Efficiency (Peak):88%
Transfer Time:10ms
Selectable Voltage Range:184~272VAC (UPS); 154~272VAC (APL)
Frequency Range (Auto-Sensing):50/60Hz
Max. Charging Current:100A
Max. PV Array Power:7000W
Max. PV Charge Current:120A
Max. PV Array Open Circuit Voltage:250V
Max. Efficiency:97%
No. of Independent MPP Trackers / Strings per MPP Tracker:2 / 1
MPPT Range at Operating Voltage:60~245VDC
Weight: 165.4 lbs (75 kg)
Depth: 8.9 in (22.6 cm)
Width: 15 in (38.1 cm)
Height:25.6 in (65 cm)
Operating Temperature:32ºF - 122ºF (0ºC - 50ºC)
Altitude:<6,562 ft (<2000 m)
Protection Rating:IP20
Inverter Datasheet Download:

Inverter Settings

Charging Voltage Range:55.6 - 58.8V
Max Charge Voltage:58.8V
Bulk Voltage:58.8V (Not Applicable to Lithium Batteries)
Float Voltage:55V (Not Applicable to Lithium Batteries)
Absorption Voltage:58.8V (Not Applicable to Lithium Batteries)
Absorption Time:0 Minutes (Not Applicable to Lithium Batteries)
Equalize:Off (Not Applicable to Lithium Batteries)
Low Voltage Cutoff:43V
High Voltage Cutoff:58.8V
Suggested Low Voltage Inverter Setting: 44 - 45V
Inverter Manual Download:
Shine Wi-Fi Spec Sheet Download:

Designed For 48V Applications

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