Apollo Hybrid Li-ion Mobile Solar Generator + 2x Light Towers + Li-ion Battery Upgrade! 50% OFF & FREE DELIVERY!

Category Model#: T48-3APA2


$44,600.00 $18,999.00

The signature Mobile Solar Generator series by BigBattery, offers a wide range of mobile solar generators as a clean, cost-saving alternative to standard fossil-fuel based generators and off-grid products.

Engineered to deliver superior performance while reducing carbon emissions. State of the art technology in the Apollo Hybrid Li-ion produces pure, uninterrupted power while advancing national, state and local initiatives to cut carbon emissions.

With extended maintenance intervals, reduced overall cost of operation, and superior customer service, BigBattery is committed to environmentally friendly energy solutions that outperform the competition.

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APOLLO PORTABLE SOLAR TRAILER w. Lithium-Ion Battery Pack & Light Tower Package:



  • 2 – SMA DC-AC Inverters (6KWh x 2 = 12KWh AC Output)
  • 1 – Deep Cycle – Battery Pack (48 Volt/1,020 Ah )
  • 10 – 250W Solar Panels
  • 2 – Aluminum Retractable 30′ Masts
  • 8 – LED Light Cannons (86,000 Lumens per Light Cannon)
  • 1 – Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (1,020/Ah) (*2X Lithium-Ion Battery Upgrades Available*)
  • 1 – 10,000 (LB) Duel Axle Trailer
  • All Inclusive – Self Perpetual Lighting System w. 110-220V Power Outlets.



120/240 50-Amp Hubbell Twist: (2 – Outlets)
120V 20-Amp Receptacle: (4 – Outlets)

(120/240 Volt AC Split Phase)
Continuous: 12kW
Surge: 24kW
Amps @ 120v: 200A

Battery (48 Volt : Deep Cycle Battery)

Amps Hours @ 48v Nominal:1,020Ah

Solar Panels
Total Input (Watts): 2,500W
Panel Movement: Manual

120w LED: (8) x Master LED Light Cannons
Emits: (86,000+ Lumens) Lights up to two (2) Miles.
Full Light Distribution: 2 Acres
Lumens: 86,000+ Lumens @ Watt: 90w/EA
Lens Material: Strengthened Glass
Rated Lights Life: (50,000 / Hours)
Watts: 8/12 Micro-Power CMOS LED
Color Temp: 4,000K

Transport Dimensions
Width: 8′
Length: 23′ 6″
Height: 10‘ 6″
Actual Weight: 8,450 lbs.

Deployed Dimensions
Width: 12′ 6″
Length: 22′
Height: 21′