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At BigBattery.com, We are doing our part to help our country fight COVID-19 by supplying direct medical supplies to everyone in the United States at our cost.


BigBattery keeps close contact with suppliers to strive for more high quality health protection products with affordable price.

This EN14126 Disposable Protective Suit is Type 4/5/6 Anti-virus, suitable for the isolation of outpatient service, wards, test rooms, etc. in medical institutions and can meet most protection needs.

Used for medical personnel to avoid being contaminated by blood, body fluid, and other infectious substances when contacting or to protect patients.

Protective equipment for infections. Protective clothing not only prevents medical staff from being infected or contaminated, but also prevents patients from being infected for two-way isolation.

Disposable Protective Suit

  1. Hooded design cap elastic design, fully wrapped, effectively blocking dust & micro organisms.
  2. Zipper design one-piece, easy to put on and take off. There is also door cover protection
  3. Cuff design for wrists & ankle contraction, isolated from external dust bacteria
  4. Waist contraction design meets the needs of different body types.

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