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      LUXPower 12kW (18kPV) Hybrid Inverter


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      LUXPower 12kW (18kPV) Hybrid Inverter


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      The cutting-edge LXP 12K Hybrid Inverter from LUXPower is a multifunctional off-grid and solar inverter, capable of supporting even the most robust home power systems with a rated power of 12000W and the ability to handle PV arrays of up to 18000W. This high-tech inverter is easily installed, and comes equipped with an in-depth LCD touch screen interface for enhanced monitoring and a smoother user experience, as well as 3 MPPT inputs, built-in circuit breakers, and an integrated UPS module for seamless on and off-grid switching in only 10 – 20ms.


      Plus, the LXP 12K inverter supports a variety of working modes and system configurations, so whether you’re looking to enhance your home’s on-grid solar system, or upgrade your homestead’s off-grid backup system, this inverter can handle a wide range of home power applications. Plus, through its smart load control, AC coupling abilities, and peak shaving function, you can meet your power needs and protect your home against unstable grids and rolling blackouts, while seeing huge savings each month on your electric bill. Order today to optimize your home’s power with the cutting-edge LXP 12K Hybrid Inverter from LUXPower!

      Tech Specs

      GTIN-12 (U.P.C.):850061252456

      INPUT (PV DC)

      Max. PV Array Power: 18000W
      Rated PV Input Voltage:360V
      No. of Independent MPPT Inputs:3
      PV Input Voltage Range:100 - 600V
      MPPT Voltage Range: 120 - 480V
      Start Up Voltage:140V
      Max. PV Input Current per MPPT:25A / 15A / 15A
      Max. MPPT Efficiency:99.9%


      Rated Battery Voltage:48V
      Battery Voltage Range:40 - 60V
      Max. Charge/Discharge Current:250A
      Max. Charge/Discharge Power:12000W


      AC Voltage:120/240; 120/208
      AC Frequency:60 Hz
      AC Output Current:50A
      AC Output Power:12000W
      Max. AC Input Current:100A
      Max. AC Input Power:24000W


      Output Power:12000W
      Output Voltage:120/240; 120/208
      Output Current:50A
      Output Frequency:60 Hz
      Transfer Time:20ms
      Wave Form:Sine Wave


      Weight:121.2 lbs (55 kg)
      Depth:11.2 in (285 mm)
      Width:20.5 in (520 mm)
      Height:34.2 in (870 mm)


      Operating Temperature:-20ºC (-4ºF) - 60ºC (140ºF)
      Storage Temperature:-20ºC (-4ºF) - 60ºC (140ºF)
      Altitude:<6,562 ft
      Protection Rating:IP65
      Spec Sheet:
      User Manual:
      Commissioning Guide:
      Registration & WiFi Setup Guide:
      Rapid ShutDown Certificate:
      UL1741 Certificate:
      IEEE1547 Certificate:
      Warranty Card:
      Warranty Terms:


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