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What Is The Weight of This Battery?

Our 48V Model 3 Golf Cart kit weighs 70lbs, approximately 1/5 the weight of a Lead-Acid Battery Bank reducing the overall weight of your cart by 300lbs. This sizable reduction of weight has benefits for all aspects of your cart including range, speed, tires, brakes, and suspension parts.

How Fast Will This Battery Charge?

BigBattery provides a 15A charger with an Anderson SB175 plug allowing your batteries to fully charge within 3-5 hours versus Lead-Acid batteries that require 10-12 hours. You can opportunity charge with this battery. This means you can charge your lithium batteries at any time without harming the batteries (just like your cell phone or laptop). […]

How Are These Two Batteries Connected?

Our 48V Model 3 Li-ion Golf Cart Kit will connect (2) 24V 95Ah Model 3 Li-ion Battery Boxes in a Series method. If a user would like to extend the distance of the system additional batteries can be added. Each additional battery will provide you with extended range.

What Is Included In This Package

(2) 24V 95Ah Model 3 Li-ion Battery Boxes (1) SB175 Series Cable (1) SB175 to Ring Terminals Cable (1) 48V Charger *If your cart has electronics that require a 12V power source such as running lights or radio, you may also require a 36V to 12V step-down DC converter. *

What Is The 48V Model 3 Li-ion Golf Cart Kit?

This versatile solution allows users to connect (2) 24V 95Ah Model 3 Li-ion Battery Boxes in Series to convert your Golf Cart from Lead-Acid to Lithium. Our solution replaces your entire 48V battery bank with just (2) of our Model 3 Battery Boxes allowing you to convert your cart from Lead-Acid to lithium in minutes. […]