The Benefits of Portable Energy Solutions

Portable energy storage is the modern solution to a whole range of modern problems, from emergency backup power to powering a road trip. Traditional propane and gasoline-powered generators are quickly becoming a thing of the past when you consider the state of the oil industry today and rapid advancements in energy technology. Lithium-ion and lead-acid […]

Making Off-Grid Wiring More Reliable

If you’ve ever had experience working with off-grid renewable energy systems, you may have noticed that they tend to use multi-stranded cables for the most part. One of the main advantages of multi-stranded cables is their flexibility. However, the wire strands used are usually very fine and are susceptible to damage when you’re setting up […]

How to Choose the Right Portable Power Station for Your Needs

Now that you’ve decided that a portable power station is what you need as a backup, emergency, or alternative power source, how do you sift through all the different options out there? Well, what you need to take into consideration primarily are your needs. You need to avoid making the mistake of purchasing a power […]

4 Reasons to Go Solar in 2020

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has spawned one of history’s worst social and economic crises. There are over 2.4 million infections confirmed in at least 185 countries and territories, including about 170,000 confirmed deaths. Many industries that were considered pillars of the economy, such as the oil industry, have taken massive hits. International oil […]

Saving Energy While Working from Home

The Covid-19 outbreak has been pretty bad for societies and economies as a whole. At the moment, we’re going through one of most unstable financial and social times of our lives—something that comes out once in a century. In the middle of all the havoc, it is being reported that there have been significant improvements […]

Road Trip Essentials: Everything You’ll Need

There are few activities in life that are as uncomfortable, yet enjoyable, as a road trip. It’s a strange kind of joy that you can only appreciate when you’re out on in the middle of highways, often driving through the night on isolated roads. Throughout the experience, you’ll feel a sense of independence and isolation […]

Lithium Batteries: How They’re Helping Drive a Solar-Powered World

Over the last few years, the growth of the off-grid solar sector has been stratospheric, and it’s now transforming the lives of millions of people around the globe. Just here in the United States, the total installed solar PV capacity surpassed 71 GW in the Q3 of last year— which is enough to power 13.5 million […]

Li-Ion Technology: Is it the Future of the Electric Vehicle?

While its journey to mainstream was fraught with challenges, the electrical vehicle (EV) has firmly established itself as an accepted substitute for the internal combustion-powered vehicle. In 2018, there were around 1 million EVs on the United States roads—a number that’s expected to rise to 18.7 million by 2030. Their popularity is growing drastically due to […]