✅ Fits All Home
✅ Easy Install & Scalable
✅ Powers All Appliance
✅ Lowers Electric Bills
✅ Zero Maintenance
✅ 10 Year Warranty
✅ Best Prices In USA!

✅ Fits All Carts 
✅ Plug & Play Installation
✅ +50% Longer Range
✅ Zero Maintenance
✅ 75% Less Weight
✅ 10 Year Warranty
✅ Best Prices In USA!

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10 Years Warranty

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Best Lithium Technology


✅ Fits All RV’s & Campers
✅ Easy Plug & Play Install
✅ More Power & Less Weight
✅ Zero Maintenance
✅ Use Less Generator & Fuel
✅ 10 Year Warranty
✅ Best Prices In USA!

✅ Twice The Run-Time   
✅ Plug & Play Installation
✅ Safer Technology
✅ No Maintenance 
✅ Lower Cost  
✅ 10 Year Warranty
✅ Best Prices In USA!

Why Switch to Lithium?

Longer life, No Maintenance, and Faster Charging are just a few of the advantages lithium has over lead-acid batteries. Making it an exceptional return on your investment for years to come.

SERVICE LIFE: Lithium-ion batteries last 3-4 times longer than lead-acid batteries
without losing effectiveness over time.


Lithium Battery Packs

BigBattery is your one-stop shop for all your lithium battery pack needs. We cover everything from home, RV, campers, and golf carts to industrial machinery. We’re proud to be the largest supplier of surplus and recertified batteries in the US. Our core purpose, here at BigBattery, is to promote the mass adoption of renewable energy solutions.

There are many reasons why lithium battery packs are in a class of their own. Li-ion batteries can be recharged hundreds of times without need for maintenance. They also tend to have a higher energy density and voltage capacity with a lower discharge rate than their competitors. This makes for better power and efficiency, as a single cell has longer charge retention than other battery types. BigBattery offers the best lithium-ion-powered batteries.