BigBattery, Inc. is the largest supplier of surplus and re-certified batteries in the United States.
Our core purpose is to promote mass adoption of renewable energy solutions. While the cost of alternative energy has decreased substantially within the past decade, Batteries have remained expensive. Cost effective energy storage remains the single greatest hurdle for the mass adoption of our clean and independent energy future.

Our Designs: In a world full of “Planned Obsolescence” – BigBattery products are built to last the test of time. We strongly support the #RightToRepair movement as seen in our designs. All BigBattery packs are simple, efficient and modular. All modules and components are easily hot-swap-able and never proprietary. It is through such designs that we are able to guarantee easy maintenance and unprecedented life-cycle longevity. Our products are designed with you in mind.

Our Founder: Eric Lundgren lives to promote sustainable solutions. As a social entrepreneur and environmentalist, he founded the countries largest hybrid electronic recycling company to combat waste, then built the worlds longest range electric vehicle to promote the mass adoption of EV’s. As a young man living in India, Africa and China – he witnessed first-hand the life-changing power of renewable energy given to those in need of reliable electricity. Returning to the United States, he watched as the “Green Energy Revolution” was halted by expensive batteries and vowed to solve this problem. His solution, BigBattery, Inc. is now the largest supplier of surplus and re-certified battery’s in the United States with offices in both Singapore and China.

We are your source for power – it’s time you empower the world!