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End-To-End Battery Manufacturer - No Middlemen.
Best Battery Price in USA Guaranteed.
100% US Based Customer Support.
Dedicated US Based Prototype Team.
Real 10 Year Warranty.
Made With "Grade A" Tier 1 Battery Cells.
New Battery Prototyping within 2 Weeks.
American Innovation & Design.
Full Global Logistics Provided.
Free Global Product Delivery (FTL).

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Global Battery Manufacturing Tailored To Your Needs

Cell Testing
Module Manufacturing
Battery Assembly
Battery Cell Testing in China Facility.
Battery Module Manufacturing Process in China.
Large Volume of BigBattery Products in China MFG Facility.

Global Battery Market (2020) : $113.4 Bn

Projections (2027) : $310.8 Bn

The global lithium-ion battery market size is projected to grow from USD 41.1 billion in 2021 to USD 116.6 billion by 2030; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.3% from 2021 to 2030.

We Make Batteries That Power Successful Companies.

Off-Grid Power
Industrial Equipment
Supercharging Networks
Solar Energy Storage
RVs & Campers
Electric Transport
Peak Shaving

Who We Are

BigBattery specializes in “End-To-End” Manufacturing for your brand. We tailor Modules (or) Packs for your specific products and solutions. Our in-house R&D, global manufacturing, and direct supply chain with Tier-1 cell manufacturers allow us to offer the highest quality product at the best prices in the USA. From 1KWh to 100MWh, Whatever you aim to power – BigBattery will deliver from start to finish. There are no middlemen when you work with BigBattery; we build for your brand. We look forward to being your strategic battery partner.

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BigBattery Mission

While the price of solar panels and wind turbines has dropped exponentially in the last decade, The cost and supply of batteries remain the single most significant barrier to the mass adoption of green energy. The owners of BigBattery want to build a sustainable future. Replacing 500M lead-acid batteries in the USA every 2.5 years is not sustainable. Our batteries last 10-21 years and are produced in our facilities with a Zero Landfill policy utilizing the safest and cleanest materials (LiFePO4). To combat battery waste in the USA, BigBattery created a profitable “2nd-Life” Division that has been awarded many government grants and accolades which provide re-use solutions for 40% of the Auto OEMs in the USA. To date, we have provided 43,000+ battery solutions in the USA and successfully repurposed 214MWh of Lithium Batteries from Nissan, BMW, Honda, and NEC. By giving our customers access to affordable, efficient, and sustainable batteries – they have voted with their dollar. Sales are up 279% in 2021, and all profits are staying in the company as we aim to have a greater positive impact towards a sustainable future.

BigBattery was created to supply and promote efficient, safe, and affordable energy solutions in the United States.
We were created to power America with Safe, Sustainable, and Efficient Battery Solutions.

Best Price/KWh in the USA
First to Achieve Zero Landfill Policy in MFG.
2nd-Life Division Repurposing for 40% of Auto OEMs in the US
Highest Safety Rating in the USA
LiFePO4 Solutions Lasting 10-21 Years
RHINO: First Fire-Proof & Waterproof Design

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