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  • 48V 2X EAGLE 2 KIT

    LiFePO4 - 64Ah - 3.26kWh

    • 48V 1X HUSKY 2 KIT

      LiFePO4 - 100Ah - 5.12kWh


      Aims 2000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger with Transfer Switch


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      Aims 2000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger with Transfer Switch


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      Currently building a power system of your own? Or maybe you’re a veteran homesteader looking to expand the 12V system you have. No matter where you are on the path to energy independence, we’ve got the components to keep you moving forward. With this 2000W, Pure Sine Inverter & Charger from AIMS Power®, your solar-powered home, off-grid homestead, solar-equipped RV or camper van, commercial UPS system, mobile power setup, or backup UPS will be operating at peak efficiency, and ensuring your power is readily available when or wherever you need it.


      This cutting-edge dual inverter-charger boasts a 300% surge capability, automatic frequency detection, power factor correction, adjustable multi-stage battery charger, and built-in AC transfer switch, guaranteeing incredibly low transfer times. When paired with a lithium battery bank, this automatic transfer switch creates seamless transitions between grid, solar, and battery input priorities and serves as an essential component for any emergency or backup power system looking to serve as a truly uninterrupted power supply. This inverter also comes equipped with an integrated low-frequency transformer. This heavy-duty transformer greatly reduces the levels of harmonic distortion during the conversion process, resulting in a cleaner, more efficient delivery of power to the rest of your system, increasing overall system reliability and efficiency, and creating a significantly quieter operating experience.


      With robust features, setting selectability, and extensive protections, the AIMS Power® 2kW Inverter & Charger is one of the safest, most reliable, most versatile, and most essential inclusions for any energy enthusiast looking to set up or upgrade their power system!

      Tech Specs

      Battery Voltage:12VDC


      Continuous Output Power:2000W
      Surge Rating:6000W (20 sec.)
      Output Waveform:Pure Sine Wave
      Output Waveform (Bypass Mode):Same as Input
      Output Frequency (Auto-Detecting):50/60Hz (±0.3Hz)
      Nominal Efficiency (Peak):>88%
      Line Mode Efficiency:>95%
      Transfer Time:10ms (Max.)
      Total Harmonic Distortion:<10% DC
      Ambient Operating Temperature:-10ºC (14ºF) - 50ºC (122ºF)


      Nominal Input Voltage:12VDC
      Minimum Start Voltage:10VDC
      High Battery Voltage Alarm:16VDC
      Low Battery Voltage Alarm:10.5 - 11VDC
      Low Battery Voltage Trip:10 - 10.5VDC
      Low Battery Voltage Restart:13.3VDC
      Idle Consumption:28W
      Idle Consumption (Power Saver Mode):12.7W


      Output Voltage:Adjustable
      Charge Rate:70A
      Over Charge Protection Shutdown:15.7V


      Weight:41 lbs
      Depth:16.5 in
      Width:8.75 in
      Height:7.1 in
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