Our FALCON Elite is being replaced with 2nd Generation alternatives with advanced features and protections. If you're looking to take your cart to the next level, shop the EAGLE 2 & HUSKY 2 today!


  • 48V 2X EAGLE 2 KIT

    LiFePO4 - 64Ah - 3.26kWh

    • 48V 1X HUSKY 2 KIT

      LiFePO4 - 100Ah - 5.12kWh


      12kW 10.2kWh ETHOS Energy Storage System (ESS)


      10 Year Warranty

      Applied To Batteries Only


      12kW 10.2kWh ETHOS Energy Storage System (ESS)


      Included Components

      2 × 48V ETHOS 5.12kWh Stackable Battery Module
      1 × ETHOS Control Box
      1 × LUXPower 12kW (18kPV) Hybrid Inverter
      1 × 10kWh Ethos Controller to Battery Power Cable 31.5" inch (800mm)

      Compatible Accessories


      REVOLUTIONIZING RESIDENTIAL ESS! BigBattery’s 48V ETHOS systems are here, and this 10kWh indoor configuration is the ideal solution for grid-tied power in your tiny home, cabin, or family home, supported by comprehensive safety, reliability, and state-of-the-art features.


      The ETHOS System was built to be a versatile home power solution, with a stackable, modular design for easy expandability, and all hardware included to mount your ETHOS to your wall with an effortless installation. The ETHOS comes equipped with an IP65-rated casing, an internal fire suppression system, as well as an advanced BMS with auto cell-balancing to ensure long-lasting safety and reliability. Plus, its control box features an interactive LED display, along with CANBus and RS485 communication protocols, so you can always monitor the status and performance of your power.


      But that’s not all. We pair our ETHOS with a cutting-edge 12000W Lux inverter, which features its own LCD touch screen display, 3 MPPT inputs, an integrated UPS module for seamless on and off-grid switching, and the ability to handle PV arrays of up to 18000W. Plus, through its smart load control, AC coupling abilities, and peak shaving function, you can meet your power needs and protect your home against unstable grids or rolling blackouts, while seeing huge savings each month on your electric bill.


      Whether you’re looking to ensure emergency backup power is always available, or you’re looking to outfit your home with a powerful solar system, the ETHOS ensures reliable, efficient power delivery day in and day out, allowing you to save on utilities, or get rewarded for giving back to the grid through net metering programs and other tax incentives. Take control of your home’s power and shop the 48V ETHOS today!


      10 Year Savings Vs Lead-Acid


      the weight and space




      Safe & Reliable 

      Single Stack Tech Specs

      GTIN-12 (U.P.C.):850061252005
      System Voltage:48V
      Nominal Voltage:51.2V
      Chemistry: LiFePO4
      kWh Capacity: 10.24kWh
      Ah Capacity: 200Ah
      Charging Voltage Range:55.6 - 57V
      Max Charge Voltage:57V
      Operating Voltage Range:48 – 57V
      Suggested Low Voltage Cutoff:48 – 50.8V
      BMS Cutoff Range:42 - 47V
      Cell Configuration:16S 2P
      Max Continuous Discharge Current:200A
      Max Continuous Power: 10240W
      Max Discharge Peak Current: 300A (Max 5 seconds)
      Max Charge Current:200A
      Charge Temperature Range:32°F - 113°F (0°C - 45°C)
      Discharge Temperature Range:-4°F - 140°F (-20°C - 60°C)
      Optimal Discharge Temperature Range:59°F - 95°F (15°C - 35°C)
      Storage Temperature Range (SoC >50%):-4°F - 113°F (-20°C - 45°C) (Max 6 months)
      Weight:273 lb (123.8 kg)
      Depth:6.7 in (170 mm)
      Width: 26.5 in (674 mm)
      Height:43.3 in (1100 mm)
      Max Connections:Up to (16) parallel connections per control box
      Protection Rating:IP65 / NEMA 4X
      Communications:CANBus / RS485
      Certifications:UL9540, UL9540A, UL1973, & UN38.3
      Spec Sheet Download:
      User Manual Download:
      UL9540 Certification Download:
      UL1973 Certification Download:
      Safety Data Sheet Download:
      View Our CEC Listing:

      Inverter Downloads

      Spec Sheet:
      User Manual:
      Commissioning Guide:
      Registration & WiFi Setup Guide:
      Rapid ShutDown Certificate:
      UL1741 Certificate:
      IEEE1547 Certificate:
      Warranty Card:
      Warranty Terms:

      Designed For 48V Applications

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