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BigBattery opened our new Headquarters in California! |  Located @  21314 Lassen St Chatsworth CA 91311

Grid-Tied vs. Off-Grid Solar: Which Is Right for You?

Roof solar panels

In this blog, we’re addressing an issue of power. Namely, grid-tied vs. off-grid solar. When you choose to hook your home up to a solar panel system in order to generate or save on power, you’re opening yourself, and your home, up to a series of positives and negatives, and not just the ones that come with the electricity you create. One of the bigger things to address is what you’ve already considered; Can you create enough electricity on your own to get off the main grid? In truth, there are just as many benefits to keeping your solar arrangement connected to the grid as there are drawbacks to keeping the array disconnected from it. Consider these tips and suggestions. 

Grid-Tied Systems: Pros and Cons

Setting up a solar panel system isn’t cheap, but it’s cheaper if you build it with a connection to your local or regional power grid. Off-grid systems require special equipment and handling that grid-tied systems don’t need, so set-up is easier. You also benefit from federal and state programs that give you a financial break on the energy your panels contribute to the grid and the amount of power you save by drawing it from the sun. Your setup also lightens the load of the grid at large, which, during high-energy use periods like winter storms, heatwaves, and the like, can make a difference in whether or not the grid breaks down. And, of course, you have the benefit of having electricity whenever you need it.

Off-Grid Systems: Pluses and Minuses

Off-grid solar panel arrays are especially useful when there’s no grid to access, obviously. If you’re living far from civilization or in a region yet undeveloped or experiencing a severe lack of access to power due to equipment failure, disaster, or any number of other reasons, off-grid solar panel systems are a necessity. You’ll need a set of batteries receiving a steady and efficient charge like our 48-volt lithium-ion Rhino battery system. Solar batteries are often called on to produce power throughout the night, while your solar directs energy to your house during the day.

Grid or No Grid?

Which is right for you: grid-tied or off-grid solar? It all comes down to location usage, and your willingness to adjust your attitude toward continued grid-dependence or the vagaries of the sun, weather, and keeping your batteries charged (and maintained and regularly replaced). Evaluate the above options, educate yourself on the specifics of solar power (especially maintenance of off-grid arrays), and talk to one of our expert customer service members who can direct you to install your battery system.

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