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BigBattery opened our new Headquarters in California! |  Located @  21314 Lassen St Chatsworth CA 91311

4 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Forklift Battery

BigBattery Replace Forklift Battery

Your forklifts are workhorses, and no doubt, they’ve given you years of service. With regular maintenance, they can last for many more years. But eventually, everything comes to an end. A lead-acid battery will cease to work as well as it once did over time, even if you’re good about keeping it recharged. To help you recognize and prepare for the day when your battery has given you its all, here are four signs it’s time to replace your forklift battery.

Slowing Down

Of course, the most obvious sign that your battery is running out is lackluster performance. If the forklift seems slower and more sluggish during a job, and the various dashboard displays flicker and dim, it might simply be running out of juice. Do a basic checkup to ensure the leads haven’t disconnected, there’s no corrosion on the battery, and nothing is interfering with normal operation on a mechanical level. If a forklift appears to be in otherwise perfect shape while slowing down, it might be time to test and replace the battery.


Look for a leak. If your battery has a crack or there’s a loose seal, the contents may start to spill out and coat the battery’s exterior and the surrounding casing. This is very dangerous, and you should address it immediately. Take out the battery while wearing protective gloves and goggles, and repair or replace it immediately. If you don’t want to deal with similar issues in the future, pick up a 48-volt lithium-ion forklift battery. Because they have high safety standards, they rarely leak and never corrode.

Losing Charge Too Quickly

Eventually, every rechargeable battery will cease to recharge. Fortunately, it’ll tip you off long before you run out of juice. If, after a proper recharging session, your battery seems to run out too quickly, it may be time to replace it. You should keep track of how long charges last on a chart showing the length of each charge and its overall service. You’ll get a feel for when your battery is on its way out.

The Nose Knows

The last of the four signs it’s time to replace your forklift battery is a funny-sounding one. Or rather a funny-smelling one. A battery about to go kaput heats up so much that the sulfuric acid inside transforms into hydrogen sulfide gas, which stinks to high heaven. Most people equate it to the smell of rotten eggs. If your battery stinks, it stinks! Get rid of it and replace it with a new and non-odorous 48-volt lithium-ion forklift battery.

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