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BigBattery opened our new Headquarters in California! |  Located @  21314 Lassen St Chatsworth CA 91311

Tips for Extending the Life of Your Lithium-Ion Battery

Li-ion Battery Cells

Lithium-ion batteries are everywhere today and used in many products and devices. For example, if you own or repair golf carts or own an RV, chances are you’re familiar with lithium-ion batteries. Similarly, people who use medical equipment in their homes may be particularly familiar with large lithium battery packs. If that sounds like you and you’re searching for tips for extending the life of your lithium-ion battery, we’ve got some good ideas for you below!

Store Your Lithium-Ion Batteries in a Cold Place

Lithium-ion batteries are affected by extreme heat, which is unfortunate because charging them produces quite a bit of heat. Because of that fact, storing your lithium-ion battery at 68 degrees Fahrenheit is a good choice. Doing so will give the battery time to cool down between charges. Indeed, this is the number one way to extend the battery’s life.

Warm Up Your Lithium-Ion Batteries Before Using Them

Ironically, cold conditions can also affect the life of your lithium-ion batteries. If they’ve been in the cold for a while, it’s recommended you let them warm up before charging or using them. Not only will this extend their life, but it also gives your battery a power boost when you first use it.

Use the Correct Charger To Charge Your Li-Ion Battery

This tip might seem like a no-brainer, but you must charge your lithium-ion battery with the correct charger. Others might work, but charging your Li-ion battery with the wrong charger can significantly impact its longevity.

Don’t Let Your Li-Ion Batteries Discharge Completely Before Recharging

Many people think they need to run their lithium-ion batteries until they discharge completely before recharging them, but that’s incorrect. Indeed, the opposite is true; recharging your batteries before they’re entirely discharged will extend their lifespan. Generally, best practice is to discharge your batteries to approximately 80% of their full discharge capacity. For lead-acid, the recommended Depth-of-Discharge, or DoD, is 50%, but lithium-ion batteries can be discharged further without putting the lifespan of your battery at risk.

Never Expose a Lithium-Ion Battery to Moisture

Any form of moisture can reduce a lithium-ion battery’s performance. If this happens often, it can also considerably reduce the life of your battery, so make sure to keep them dry.


We think you’ll agree that most of the tips for extending the life of your lithium-ion battery are easy to implement. They will boost your battery’s life, which will save you money in the long run. We hope this information has been helpful and answered all your questions on extending the life of your lithium-ion battery.

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