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BigBattery opened our new Headquarters in California! |  Located @  21314 Lassen St Chatsworth CA 91311

What Size Battery Do I Need for My Golf Cart?


When deciding what size battery you need for your golf cart, the answer is often a disappointing “it depends.” Golf cart batteries depend on the cart’s size, model, and style. However, there are a few essential basics to know to help you figure out what works best.

Certain golf carts use standard six-volt batteries. Six-volt batteries drain quickly and often struggle to meet any power needs you require from your golf cart. And most folks who own golf carts will tell you why you should consider an upgrade.

Other standard options for upgrades are 8-volt or 12-volt batteries. For some, these are fine and offer the charge and power for typical day-to-day activities. If you’re looking to make a significant change, consider one of these two options.

36-Volt Batteries

If you seek a balance of power and affordability, 36-volt batteries are an excellent option. They are ideal if you mainly use your cart to drive around the neighborhood or along a golf course. The only major limitation of 36-volt batteries is that they lack the power for more strenuous off-road activities.

48-Volt Batteries

These batteries can be more expensive than 36-volt batteries, but balance out those limitations. When people ask what size battery they need for their golf cart, 48-volts are good to consider, but are more situational. If you anticipate a lot of off-road activity with your cart, you may want to upgrade to a 48-volt battery. An advantage to this expense is it increases the cart’s resale value.

Lithium-Ion Golf Cart Batteries

If you want longevity, look no further than lithium-ion golf cart batteries. They are becoming more popular due to their long-lasting charge, which can last over twenty times longer than the standard 6-volt system. Lithium-ion batteries are not only among the best in charge and power, they also require less maintenance.

No matter what size battery you need for your cart, the qualified specialists at BigBattery can supply you with the best.

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