What To Expect When Using Lithium Batteries in Cold Weather


In many ways, lithium batteries are an improvement over older lead-acid models. Lithium batteries require far less maintenance, have longer life spans, and are more energy efficient. However, like almost all batteries, there are some side effects when lithium battery packs experience exposure to cold air. You should know what to expect when using lithium batteries in cold weather and how you can prepare your batteries for the winter.

Effects of Cold Weather

Many lithium batteries have a wide range of temperatures at which they can operate safely and efficiently, so the effects of cold weather are not often a concern. However, depending on where you live, your battery may have some noticeable reactions to colder temperatures that go outside these operating parameters.

The cold may lower the battery’s capacity when consistently used in temperatures below freezing. Essentially, you may need to carefully observe the rate of discharge on your battery in colder weather as it will drain faster.

Proper Battery Storage

Something to expect when using lithium batteries in cold weather is that any external temperatures below freezing cause the battery to drain more rapidly. If you plan to put your battery pack in storage over the winter, we recommend charging it before storing it in a dry area and off the floor.

Storing a battery when it’s almost drained is inadvisable, so to prevent any potential damage in winter storage, charge your battery while it’s still warm.

Preparing for Use

It can be difficult to perform tasks when you’re feeling all cold and stiff, so it helps to warm up before exerting yourself. This practice works well for your lithium batteries too! If your batteries are in storage or have been in freezing temperatures for extended periods of time, it’s a good idea to warm them up slightly before running them. Turning on a freezing lithium battery may result in a small jolt to the battery’s system so to speak, that can slightly reduce the overall life span of the battery if done repeatedly. To extend the life span of your battery, warming it up before starting it is best.

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