What Is a Solar Inverter and How Does It Work?


Putting together a functioning solar power system takes a lot of work, as different devices and parts work together. The four primary components of solar energy are panels, a regulator or controller, batteries, and an inverter. These parts serve valuable purposes, so you might wonder what a solar inverter is and how it works. BigBattery is here to explain how this simple device can help you utilize solar power.

What Is a Solar Inverter?

A solar inverter is typically a small to medium-sized device that connects to your solar power system. Many inverters connect from solar panels to a battery or directly into a home’s power system. The inverter takes the power from the solar power system and sends it to your residence or business as usable electricity.

How Do Inverters Work?

Knowing what a solar inverter is and how it works is vital when establishing solar power. When your solar panels absorb sunlight, the regulator sends it to the batteries and stores the power as a direct current (DC). The inverter transforms DC energy into a 120V/240V alternating current (AC), which enables you to use solar energy to power your home appliances and electronics safely.

Why Are Inverters Important?

You may be wondering why we need the inverter to convert the DC power to an alternating current instead of powering everything through the battery. The inverter can access more power from the battery for clean, long-lasting energy. Trying to wash a load of laundry with a washing machine running on DC power will likely drain the stored solar energy. The conversion to AC power makes the process more efficient and gives you more electricity to use. It also reduces the risk of burning out your system.

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